Vegetable tanned leather

Koala leather is one of the oldest article of Puccini Tannery. It is made on cow shoulders of the highest quality of french origin and it is 100% vegetable tanned, firm tempered and with beautiful colours.

Koala leather is full grain, smooth, fattening is made with Sego, according to the old recipe of our Tannery, and other natural made oils in order to give elasticity and richness to the leather.

The tanning method using natural tannin extracts from Quebracho and Chestnut trees give a good firm structure to the leather and good elasticity.

Koala leather will develop a nice and rich patina over time and use, which is typical of a natural vegetable tanned leather.


Pueblo leather is vegetable-tanned leather with rich vibrant colors. This leather is of the highest quality, not rigid, has an elastic filled structure over the entire area.

Pueblo leather has an indescribable vintage face, with a juicy deep color. Over time, the skin is easily patinated and takes on an even richer and more refined look.

Pueblo leather is very pleasant to the touch, easy to cut and process.


Maremma leather is a 100% vegetable tanned leather made in Tuscany.
This leather is made by using the best raw material cow hides of french origin.

The Maremma leather is tanned with Quebracho and Chestnut tannin vegetable extracts that give firmness and good consistency to the leather as well as making it flexible and easy to use.

This leather is fattened with SEGO, a special mixture of oils and animal fats according to old recipe.

The Maremma leather is treated with oils that give a nice soft and warm touch to the surface and a beautiful pull-up effect.

The finishing of article is made with bright aniline colours that give richness, deepness and transparency to the leather for a very natural look.